USB Buying Guide

If your desk looks anything like mine, it’s covered in various types of cables. I have some old stand-bys, like an ethernet cable, headphone cable, and my laptop power cord. And then there is a whole bunch of USB cables – a mini-B for my FTDI Basic, a micro-B for my cellphone, and a B for my Arduino Uno. So what gives? What’s the difference between all these USB cables?

alt text

That’s where this guide to USB cables comes in handy. In this guide, we go over the different types of USB cables, what makes them different, what devices typically use what, and list all the cables (like the new Cerberus cable!) we currently have. It might not sound too interesting (USB cables? Really?), but you might find you’ll learn something. You can also check out our other buying guides like the RF connector buying guide, the Arduino buying guide, or the Accelerometer, Gyro, and IMU buying guide. Check it out!

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