NetBSD is here!

In last week’s FreeBSD post, we linked to an early version of Nick Hudson’s NetBSD image for Pi. Nick has now released a new version which fixes a number of USB issues, and we’ve placed it in our mirror system. Of the major BSD-derived operating systems this only leaves OpenBSD (for which we’re not holding our breath).

Torrent rpi-20130124.img.bz2.torrent
Direct download rpi-20130124.img.bz2
SHA-1 5aac2d48d1a425db14b253d7bfddf5e24de5ca22
Default login Username: root Password: <none>

Nick says:

It’s a build of NetBSD-current which is the development version. It’s using a LOCKDEBUG kernel which is quite a performance hit, but will help us track down any locking issues.

Please leave any feedback in the comments!

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