Actobotics Video Contest

For the past several weeks, Creative Technologist Nick Poole has been busy building a mysterious contraption in his spare time. This may not surprise you, since that’s what Nick is usually doing in his spare and non-spare time, but in this case it’s for a particularly awesome cause. Nick recently submitted his creation, named “Moco,” to the Actobotics Home Automation Contest. The company challenged five experts to create a functioning home automation project using Actobotics and submit a video, and the winner gets $1000 to donate to their STEM nonprofit of choice. Check out Nick’s coffee robot in action!

Voting is open and runs until July 30, and since we’re super biased we think Nick should win. If he does, he’s chosen DIY Girls to receive his prize money, so it’s for a great cause we can all get behind! To see the entries or vote for your favorite project, check out the contest page.

And if you’re new to the world of robotics or curious about what you can do with the Actobotics product line, check out our Acotobotics page!

Good luck Nick!

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