DIY double sided 60W LED UV radiation unit with vacuum pump


Kurt Skauen has been working on a DIY 1188 LED dual sided UV radiation unit:

The UV exposure unit is controlled by an ATmega328P microcontroller and have the following features:

  • Single and double sided exposure. Each side radiated by a 594LEDs / 30W UV LED panel (The unit has a total of 1188 LEDs providing 60W of LED light)
  • The light panels can be calibrated to give even exposure on both sides
  • Built-in vacuum pump for laminating artwork and copper-clad

*The user can define 2-18 speed steps for the vacuum pump

*The vacuum pump can be set to automatically turn off a specified time after the radiation finish

  • Advanced programmable timer / power control for the light panels with 8 persistent presets

Project details at Kavionic blog.


  • Each of the presets can in addition be backed up to a “hidden” location and later restored
  • Audible alarm when radiation is complete
  • User input through a rotary knob that also act like a push button plus 15 standalone push buttons
  • User feedback through a 20×4 character backlit LCD display with adjustable backlight and contrast plus a piezo beeper
  • Tracking of runtime. The total on time is tracked. And the runtime of the two light panels and the vacuum pump are tracked with two values each. The absolute time running and the time scaled by the power/speed they where running at
  • Wear balancing of the EEPROM. Some values in the EEPROM is updated fairly often. Like the currently selected preset. And the runtime counters. So each of those values have multiple locations allocated for them in the EEPROM and new values are written to a new location each time until all slots for the value has been used. Then it will start over. This ensures that the guaranteed 100.000 erase/write cycles will last as long as possible


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