Nixie tube clock


Pete Mills has written an article detailing the build of his Nixie tube clock:

 Fortunately, not all nixie tube clocks are implemented the same.  In fact, look around at all the schematics for nixie clocks, and you will realize there are more permutations in methodology than there are models of nixie tubes.  This is how it should be.  We ( DIY electronics people ) like to put our own spin on things.

My version of the Nixie Clock has a few of its own nifty features.  The list includes:

  • Single microcontroller design
  • Software based RTC
  • Software driven boost converter for ~175 V DC supply
  • Time, Date, and behavior configuration via USB
  • Windows application for clock configuration
  • Time, Date, Temperature, and AC Power line frequency display

Project info at Pete’s blog.

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