openSAM: a 3D-printed open source camera stabilizer


OpenSAM by OHM – a 3D Printed Camera Stabilizer:

Welcome to OpenSAM, our 3Dprinted self-built three Axis stabilizer. It is handheld and the entire mechanical construct is built using 3D printed parts. Brushless motors ensure the camera is stable and they can be controlled using a joystick. The design is developed by three engineering students at the Technical University of Denmark.
Now gimbals like this may exist in plenty, but we think ours is unique because of its use of additive manufacturing. That makes the system very cheap to build and easy to reconstruct. All the files are open source and you can download them here.
Check out our manual: OpenSAM Manual (PDF)

All the files are available on GitHub.

Via Open Electronics.

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