Camping 101

A roundup of camping hacks from around the internet, to get you out into the great outdoors without actually having to experience nature!

As summer starts to move towards fall, my mind has turned to camping.

And what that really means is that I’m going camping this weekend, and needed something to write about, so here we are. You and I and nature.


But let us forget, for the moment, all of that nature barreling toward us*, and focus on ways to bring civilization to the wilderness.


First thing’s first: This is no time to commune with the forest or whatever. You’ve got blogs about camping to read! It’s very possible that your 4G isn’t going to work in the middle of nowhere. Or 5G? Whatever number of Gs the kids are using these days. The important thing is that you are likely to be SOL, G-wise, and you’d better be prepared for the worst. No, I suppose this isn’t really a hack, as such, but please believe that I turned the internet upside down looking for a way to squeeze wifi out of scavenged twigs, old dryer lint, and recycled tupperware, and nothin’ doin’. Apparently you’re going to have to maintain your newfangled internet connectivity the old fashioned way.

Glad we’ve got that sorted.


I’m not saying we’re going glamping…but we are definitely going glamping. And that means bringing an inflatable air mattress, which further means forgetting the pump at home. This guy is blowing my mind right now. Do you know how many times I’ve wept helplessly at my inadequate lung capacity in the middle of the forest? It’s more times than I’ve gone camping, that’s for sure.

And let’s not forget that lynchpin of comfortable living: the air conditioner. We’re not savages.


Buckets, y’all. If you spend five minutes researching camping hacks and don’t find yourself posessed with the need for at least ten 5-gallon buckets, you’re doing it wrong. Showers, hydroelectric generators, Boomboxes, solar lights; no other Home Depot impulse buy has ever left me feeling so comparatively inadequate!

Truthfully, I was so overwhelmed that I almost wrote the whole post about bucket hacks, but cooler heads prevailed. Seriously, though: buckets.

You’re all set!

So grab your tent, half-a-dozen 5-gallon buckets, your internet rig, and your cooler A/C, and get ready to show that backyard who’s boss!

backyard camping

photo credit: Flickr user Thirteenofclubs, CC

Until you get bitten by a mosquito and decide to go inside and watch nature documentaries for the rest of the night. Or maybe that’s just me.

Happy Camping!

*I could have said bearing down on you, but I didn’t. Take that as the kindness that I meant it for.

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