IoT video series – The Fellowship of the Things: Episode 2

Happy Monday! Today we’re sharing Episode 2 of “The Fellowship of the Things,” our new video series that follows our team of Creative Engineers as they build connected “internet of things” (IoT) projects in our DIY apartment inside SparkFun. In the inaugural episode, we introduced you to the apartment and showed you our first connected project - The Man Trap.

We know no home is complete without the pitter-patter of quadruped feet, so this time around we got our furry friends involved in a project we’ve (possibly counterintuitively) named “Weight for Treats.”

We built Weight for Treats to demonstrate sensor data streaming and online warehouse sites like, which can be used for remote data logging. The doghouse we built takes weight measurements when a dog enters, and sends it out while rewarding them with a treat.

We’ve also been using load sensors to log and track data from SparkFun’s on-site beehive, and we cover a little bit about how we’ve been monitoring that setup in the video as well.

So there you have it - the latest from the Fellowship. If you have other ideas for IoT projects, let us know, and there will be another episode before you know it!

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