Name that Ware August 2015

The Ware for August 2015 is shown below.

I found this kicking around in the South China Material market this past June. It is indeed a production board (and still in use today!), so there is a definitive answer to this month’s challenge sitting somewhere in the cloud. The extensive use of CD4000 series CMOS chips in this board brings a little grin to my face — haven’t seen one of those in ages (except for the CD4066, which is still pretty handy even in contemporary situations).

Also, as a bonus, I found this in the same shop. This one isn’t for guessing, just for looking at. I’m a fan of FANUC.

As an administrative note, images from this site and the kosagi wiki, and a few other miscellaneous services, will be off-line for a bit on September 2nd. There’s maintenance work scheduled on the power grid at my flat, and so my servers will be brought off-line. If all goes well, it’ll be just 15 minutes. However, if the mains breaker to my unit doesn’t automatically reset, it could be up to a few hours before someone can get to it. I’ll be somewhere in Black Rock City, far from the Internet, while this all goes down…so if something really unfortunate happens, it could be a week before things get restored from backups.

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