New Video Series: The Fellowship of the Things!

If you’ve been around for…at least a couple days, you know that we love making videos. With that, we’re excited to share the first installment of our new video series: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE THINGS. This new series follows our team of Creative Engineers as they build connected “internet of things” (IoT) projects. IoT is a broad category that is rapidly becoming more popular in the world of electronics – for those unfamiliar, IoT covers wirelessly-connected devices that are often used for home automation, health care, smart grids or wearables, to name just a few examples. We’re so excited about IoT that we even built a special apartment inside SparkFun HQ to showcase all our projects, and over the course of the series (around one project a month), we’ll be filling the apartment to the brim with all manner of connected schemes.

If you’re interested in delving into the world of IoT or connected devices and projects, this series is a great way to get ideas! Got an idea of something we could build for the IoT apartment? Hit us up in the comments, and enjoy the first episode!

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