R/C Aircraft lighting controller


Ezflyr shared his R/C Aircraft lighting controller in the project log forum.  He writes:

I’m an avid R/C modeler, and I’m just finishing up my latest ‘winter building’ project, a 150″ wingspan Douglas DC-3!  I wanted to add a continuously flashing strobe light on the vertical stabilizer of the airplane, and remotely controlled Red (left) and Green (right) navigation lights on the wingtips. To satisfy this need, I decided to ‘roll my own’ R/C Aircraft Lighting Controller to finish off my DC-3 airplane!
This design is based on the PIC 12F629 microcontroller. The code for this project is written in ‘C’, using the CCS ‘C’ compiler. The schematic and board were done using Cadsoft Eagle software, and the PCB fabrication was done by OshPark!

Via the forum.

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