Winner, Name that Ware August 2015

Last month’s ware is a controller board for a cutting machine, made by Polar-Mohr. The specific part number printed on the board is Polar SK 020162, which I’m guessing corresponds with this machine. Henry Valta pretty much nailed it, by guessing it as a Baum SK66 cutting circuit board. I’m not quite sure what the relationship is between Baumfolder and Polar-Mohr corporation, but it seems to be close enough that they share controller boards. Congrats, email me for your prize!

I do have to give a shout-out to zebonaut for noting the use of “V” designators for discrete semiconductors and linking it to German/DIN-compliant origins. I’m pretty good at picking out PCBs made by Japanese manufacturers, and this little factoid will now help me identify PCBs of EU/German design origin.

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