Repairing the TUNE capacitor on the Heathkit HL2200 (SB-220) amplifier


KA7OEI  did a repair on his amplifier.  He documented the whole process on his blog:

Earlier this year I picked up a Heathkit HL2200 amplifier (the newer, “brown” version of the SB-220) at a local swap meet for a reasonable price.  What made it particularly attractive was that it not only had a pair of new, graphic 3-500Z tubes in (Chinese-made, but RF-Parts Inc. tested/branded) but it also had a Peter Dahl “Hypersil” tm power transformer rather than the “just-adequate” original Heathkit transformer and an already-installed low-voltage keying circuit which meant that rather than nearly 100 volts on the keying line to operate relays there was only a few milliamps at a few volts.

More details at KA7OEI’s blog.

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