App note: Understanding high speed ADC testing and evaluation



App note on understanding high speed ADC testing and evaluation (PDF!) from Analog Devices:

This document describes both the characterization and production test methods used by the High Speed Converter Group of Analog Devices, Inc., to evaluate high speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). While this application note should be considered a reference, it is not a substitute for a product data sheet.

SNR, SINAD, worst spur, and IMD are tested using a hardware setup similar to that shown in Figure 1. In production tests, the test hardware is highly integrated, but the hardware principles are the same. The basic setup for dynamic testing includes a signal generator, band-pass filter, test fixture, low noise power supplies, encode source (often integrated on the evaluation board), data acquisition module, and data analysis software. Analog Devices provides application hardware and software to aid in bench evaluation.

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