IoT Video Series – The Fellowship of the Things: Episode 4

Welcome back to another episode of The Fellowship of the Things, the video series where we set our Creative Technologists loose in SparkFun’s IoT apartment. This time around, we’re tackling a very particular problem of Sarah’s (and maybe yours, too?): the uncontrollable panic you feel when you get the grocery store and realize you have no idea what you need, and you wander and wander through the aisles until you stumble to the self checkout 40 minutes later, clutching four cases of La Croix grapefruit water, a 20-pound bag of teriyaki buffalo jerky and a sleeve of those plastic encapsulated dinosaur-shaped novelty sponges that emerge with minor fanfare in hot water…

Let’s see how we saved you from this cruel fate, shall we?

Whether this hit a litle too close to home or you were scared straight by our cautionary tale and want to build your own Rasp Pi camera fridge, you can find the wishlist for the project here, and the code can be found here. We hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you for the next episode soon!

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