Lab LED constant current controller board


Ladvien blogged about his Lab LED constant current controller board project he made using DirtyBoard PCBs:

A little lab controller PCB I’m working on. It centers around four high-power constant current circuits meant to be driven by an Atmega328’s PWM.
I hate working on anything mechanical in dim light; comes from dropping parts down under the engine when working on cars. I’m also pretty particular about my type of light. The “Cool White” or CFLs really bother me. I feel like I’m a bug headed towards a bug-zapper.

I have a few design goals,
1. Warm white is the way to go. I’m shooting for four 1k lumen warm-white LEDs at 12v at ~1A.
2. I’ve a plug for an Arduino Pro Mini (APM). It’s hard to fight the APM when it comes to small footprint and versatility, oh, and price. They are super cheap if you buy them on eBay.
3. I want to make a BLE serial interface using my HM-10. This would allow me to control my LEDs using my iOS devices.
4. The A4 and A5 pins are broken out, this is meant to make the boards chainable using I2C.

Check out the video after the break.

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