Dirt Cheap Dirty Reels: cheap component reels from China


Component reels shouldn’t be overpriced or difficult to come by. Dirty Reels connects you to cheap Chinese component suppliers in the Huaqiangbei electronics market. Add a reel of resistors to your next DEV shop order for under $4!

A dirty reel of 5000 100ohm 5% 0603 resistors from a major Chinese manufacturer like Super Ohm is only $3.97. Mouser.com’s cheapest reel comes in at $20 per reel!

Try some searches:
100R Resistor
10K Resistor
100nF Capacitor
1uF Capacitor

Over the past year we created a database of parts and suppliers in Huaqiangbei, the world’s largest electronics market. Dirty Reels is a public search of those parts. Choose the number of reels to purchase and add it to your cart. Behind the scenes we’ll go grab your parts and put them in your order.

Dirty Reels is highly experimental. Currently only resistors and capacitors are included in search results. Once things are running smoothly more components will be listed. The search is also very stupid, your values and units must match the database format: e.g. 100nF, not 0.1uF.

There are (not so) hidden ulterior motives behind Dirty Reels. We’re not trying to become Digikey, and it isn’t profitable to sell reels at this price. Instead, we’re trying to bootstrap a relationship with component suppliers.

For services like Dirty PCBs, Dirt SLA, and Dirty Cables we need a suppliers full price list and pricing formulas, but nobody wants to share that info as most prices are negotiated each time. What we like to do is send a flood of orders to get them interested, then have a meeting and ask for the info we need. Most suppliers are more than cooperative after the initial wave of sales.

You get reels of components near actual Chinese prices, while helping us to seduce new suppliers. Win, win, win!

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