Inside A Circuit Breaker With MikesElectricStuff

High voltage is  not something we usually tinker with at home. In fact, most of us are more comfortable working with non-lethal, low current, low voltage DC signals. When we do venture into the world of high voltage, we prefer to do it vicariously thru someone with more safety training and/or experience.

[Mike] shows us the inner workings of a 240VAC circuit breaker and explains how the different safety features in the device work. In proper MikesElectricStuff form, [Mike] finds out what it takes to destroy the device. Or in this case multiple devices, [Mike] uses his “Destruct-o-tron” to create catastrophic failure in more than one breaker. You can check out the video embedded after the break to learn a bit about how a circuit breaker works, and of course witness the carnage.

If you haven’t subscribed to MikesElectricStuff YouTube channel you should do, he doesn’t post terribly frequently but when he does it is always worth watching.

We have covered videos from [Mike] previously as well as a post discussing problems related to household electricity which relates to circuit breakers.

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