Webfoot games for Raspberry Pi

It’s an excellent time to be a Raspberry Pi gamer. After last Monday’s blog post about some great games that are available for Raspberry Pi, Dana Dominiak of Webfoot Games got in touch last week to tell us that they’re porting most of their catalogue to the Pi, with no fewer than 15 games and game packs already available for free!


Games available so far include a host of retro arcade classics such as 3D Brick Buster and Alien Invasion, a fabulous 3D version of favourite Ape Vs. Caveman, kid-friendly platformer 3D Frog Feast, and addictive puzzle game Cubix Mania; you’ll also find Mahjong Ultimate, lots of card games, and plenty more!

Frog Feast

Frog Feast

There are links to download the games, and an FAQ, at www.WebfootGames.com/pi/; if you’re in Europe and having trouble downloading with the links on that page, you can also get them from webfootgames.itch.io/. You’ll need to increase the GPU RAM to 256MB to run some of these.

Cubix Mania

Cubix Mania

Dana first announced the games in our forums, where she and her colleagues have been super-responsive to questions and suggestions. Huge thanks to all of them for making the games available for us to enjoy!

Webfoot intend to port all of their games to the Pi, except where they’re restricted by licensing – that’s over 100 games. Dana says, “We will be releasing several games per week for as long as there is interest. That means we notice people posting the links and downloading the games.”

So, if you want more of these, you know what to do. Download, play and spread the word!

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