WyoManiacal Display, no good can come of this!

Maniacal Labs has teamed up with WyoLum to make something amazing.

They’ve taken 24 TiM boards and assembled them into a 64×48 array of RGB addressable LED awesomeness with a refresh rate of 60 frames a second.

See the gallery below, sure, but don’t miss the opprotunity to see it in person March 13 at the NoVa Mini Maker Faire!

0226162238 0226161624 0225161616 0223162220 0211160044 0210162110a 0210162110 0210162108f 0210162108e 0210162108d 0210162108c 0210162108a 0210162108 0210162107 0203161411 0108162333 1128152005 1127152029 1127152028




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