Free PCB drawer moves to DEV site


Last week the “Free PCBs” link in the header began forwarding to a new Free PCB Drawer on the DEV site. Coupon codes from the three weekly giveaways can be used for anything in the Free PCB Drawer category with free shipping. Don’t see something you want? Coupons are also good for $1 off anything else in the store: SLA 3D prints, PCBs, component reels, pogo pins, etc.

Free PCBs are now part of an integrated shipment system and ship daily, instead of “occasionally”. Order status will be updated automatically…once the shipping interface is debugged later this week…

Old coupons are not yet working in the new store. Old coupons will be transferred by the end of next week and we’ll update you here.

So long Zencart, and good riddance! Working with Zencart was awful and it won’t be missed.

On a side note apologies for light updates the past week and a half. We’re struggling a bit to put the final touches on the new site. Tomorrow the first Harmony (pronounced Har-man-y) t-shirt will go up in the store. We also have to make a Hong Kong run to use internet stable enough bring up the Eagle/Gerber/3D print rendering cluster. If the cluster looks solid will be deprecated in a week, and we’ll only do major support for orders placed at the new site.

Next week a post about getting a Chinese driver’s license. The following week it may finally be time to drop the Expressway, we’ll see how it goes.

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