Friday Product Post: Under the Cherry Moon

Guess what; it’s Friday! Since it is Friday we of course have some new products for you to check out. This week we have some cost effective yet high quality key switch options, as well as a new revision to the Shapeoko/Stepoko product line. Without further ado, let’s see what Nick has for us this week!

Thanks Nick!

Cherry MX Switch

$ 0.95

Cherry MX Keyswitches are top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard switches. They’re satisfyingly “clicky,” reliable up to tens of millions of key presses, and a standard in gaming and programming keyboards across the globe. This blue version Cherry MX Switch is favored because of its secondary internal actuator, which makes it less likely to “double-tap.”

Cherry MX Switch Breakout

$ 1.95

Of course you’re going to need some way to hook up your new Cherry MX Switch, and we have you covered. With the SparkFun Cherry MX Switch Breakout, we have made the switches more easily adaptable to breadboard or perfboard-based projects. The Cherry MX Switch Breakout is a perfect prototyping tool for projects ranging from a single-key user input to fully-custom, 101-key keyboards.

Get Started with the Cherry MX Switch Guide

Shapeoko Deluxe Kit

$ 999.95

A new revision to our Shapeoko and Stepoko product line? Yes, indeed! The new revision of the Stepoko board updates the firmware to the latest version (0.9j). We’ve also added a piece of thermal gap filler to help electrically insulate the board from your chassis and prevent ESD problems. Finally, we added three cable carriers to the Deluxe kit to help get your cabling under control.

The firmware and thermal gap filler changes have been represented on the Shapeoko Deluxe Kit, as well as the SparkFun Stepoko Motion Control Add-On Kit, and finally the SparkFun Stepoko.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, that’s it for this week. Make sure to check back with us next Friday for some Really Fun new products! See you then!

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