USB C Analyzer

USB C allows data transfer, but also has provisions for transferring data related to power distribution. Of course, where there is data, there is a need to snoop on data for troubleshooting or reverse engineering. That’s the idea behind the open source Type-C/PD Analyzer.

According to the project the features include:

  • Spec support: USB PD 2.0 and USB Type-C 1.1
  • Allows pass-through of legacy USB, USB 2.0, USB 3.1, and Alternate mode
  • Non-intrusive, preserves signal integrity and timing conditions
  • Transparent interposing on a USB Type-C connection
  • Displays Packet timing
  • Monitors USB Type-C state machine
  • Exporting received packets as CSV and proprietary bin file format
  • Complete PD packet decoding
  • Supports Real-time decoding and Error detection
  • Sniffing PD traffic on both CC lines
  • Displays the CC packets in a human readable form
  • Monitors CC and VBus line voltage and displays graphically

There’s more detail at the project’s crowdfunding page. There’s also a video (below). We covered the USB C connector recently. We’ve also seen how bogus type C cables can even be harmful to your computer.

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