Winner, Name that Ware May 2016

The Ware for May 2016 was guessed within the hour of posting — it’s an Antminer S1 (v1.4 mainboards) from BitMainTech.

Tracing through the rapid-fire guesses and picking a winner was a bit of a convoluted process. Based on my primary criteria of awarding to the first person to home in on a make/model of a ware, the winner is Wouter’s post at 10:15PM (congrats, btw email me for your prize).

However, if make/model isn’t guessed, I’d go with an alternate criteria of thoughtful analysis, which would give the prize to Richard Ames’ conclusion that it’s a cryptocurrency compute module posted at 10:06PM. However, even that decision is contracted by 0x3d’s post at 9:53PM, earlier than all the rest, that this is an ASIC cryptocoin miner — no make/model, but still the correct genre.

Also, in response to Richard Ames’ question: HDB = Housing Development Board. It’s the colloquial term in Singapore for public housing, after the government agency in charge of managing public housing.

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