Happy Halloween!

Halloween is easily our favorite day of the year. There are way too many enthusiastic pop culture fanatics, cosplayers and creative types around SparkFun HQ for it to not be a major scene, and years ago we decided to not only showcase the many costumes people come up with, but hand out prizes as well – a LOT of work goes into some of these! This year’s costume contest will be filmed live, starting at 2:30 MDT today (you can watch at the link below!).

While you wait, we have plenty of ways for you to festively entertain yourself. Take a look back at some of our favorite costumes from 2012, 2013, or last year’s contest livestream, or try your hand at some Halloween hackery and haunts, make a ray gun with Pete, try your hand at some e-textile, LED or motorized projects, or just watch some Spooky Sketches.

See you there!

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