According to Pete: Headphone Amp Project/High-Current Output Stages

Welcome to the latest edition of ATP! This time I design and build a headphone amp specifically designed to operate at the end of a chain of guitar effects boxes, and be able to take stereo input from stereo effects like delay, chorus, etc. But oh, the best laid plans of mice and Petes…

This project tells the tale of many design iterations, bad case cutting and the importance of cool stickers, as well as the value of measurements over blind hypothesis and assumptions. And what starts out as a really simple circuit that doesn’t really work right ends up being, still, a fairly simple circuit but works a whole lot better.

You can’t get all of the components in the project from us, but here’s the list if you want to follow along:

It’s worth a mention that the ProtoPedal pre-cut case was out of stock when I started this project, otherwise I would have gone with that. But since it was out, I basically free-handed the whole shebang. For better or worse, it’s all about the journey.

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