Paying Homage to the Laser Cutter – Three Great Projects

As digital fabrication becomes more popular, and more common, makers are moving beyond the 3D printer to many other tools – including the laser cutter. At SparkFun, the laser cutter is a very busy machine; we wanted to pay homage to it by recognizing a couple of great projects.

Complex Sculptures Built from Layers of Laser-Cut Paper

Eric Standley leverages his understanding of math, technology and art to build complex pieces from layers of laser-cut paper. In this video (embedded with his permission), he shares a bit about his motivation, process and inspiration.

New work from Eric Standley will be showcased on December 7, 2017, at the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair (Miami Beach), represented by Victori + Mo Contemporary.

Layered Maps Built from Laser-Cut Wood

This Game of Thrones fan used a laser cutter to build a layered wooden map – it offers quite a bit of detail while still supporting an interesting aesthetic. During this long spell sans GoT, this may be a good project to undertake.

Camera Case Built from Cardboard

On the more practical (yet still artful) side, this video shows a camera case that uses laser-cut cardboard for the padding inside. This approach could have many applications.

Finding a Laser Cutter

Not everyone has a laser cutter. The good news is that access to digital fabrication tools is becoming more widespread. If you can locate a FabLab or Makerspace nearby, they may have a laser cutter you can use. We recently discovered The Maker Map – this open-source project attempts to map out where you can find maker resources all over the world. Let us know what you think; it seems to have many of the resources local to us (in Colorado), but we did need to do some filtering.

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Share some of the unique laser-cut projects you have seen or created yourself in the comments below!

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