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It’s the season of long days (at least in the northern hemisphere), and what better way to celebrate all this light than with some bright, delightful, LED-based projects, videos and tutorials? Rhetorical question; there is no better way. Fortunately we have more LED resources than you can shake a battery pack at, and for every skill level. Check out some of our favorites, and start your summer project today!

Blog posts


Building Large LED Installations

Learn what it takes to build large LED installations from planning to power requirements to execution.

Interactive LED Music Visualizer

Use an Arduino and the SparkFun Sound Detector to create visualizations on Addressable RGB LED strips.

DIY Light-Up Shoes

This tutorial provides everything you need to know to make your own light up high top sneakers!

Interactive 3D Printed LED Diamond Prop

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to create an interactive theatrical prop for a performance by 3D printing a translucent diamond prop using a non-addressable RGB LED strip and AT42QT1011 capacitive touch sensing.

Das Blinken Top Hat

A top hat decked out with LED strips makes for a heck of a wedding gift.

LED Robot Pop Up Card

Craft a paper circuit pop up card with a cycling RGB LED, battery, and copper tape.

LED Cloud-Connected Cloud

Make an RGB colored cloud light! You can also control it from your phone, or hook up to the weather!

Marquee Party Bag

This tutorial provides everything you need to know to make your own Marquee Party Bag!


What LED projects have you made? Any that you’re looking forward to making?

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