Yo, We Heard You Like Forums

We have just finished updating our forums and are very excited to see our community come together and share information on our public platform. Some of the biggest changes to the forums involve:

  • More documents on how to use the forums, best practices and how get assistance from Technical Support Moderators.
  • Created new categories and increased total categories from five to six.
  • Created new forums and increased total forums from 22 to 35.
  • Created new sub-forums and increased total sub-forums from 11 to 41.
  • Organized SparkFun product categories to better conform to the product catalog on the SparkFun website.
  • Added two Technical Support Moderators & a general feedback moderator account called “TS-feedback.” Please private message this moderator if you have feedback on anything forum related.
  • Added a new theme.
  • Archived all of the categories, forums and sub-forums that were previously used into an Archive category. All information is still accessible, however forums will be locked and users cannot post new topics in the archived category/forums.

New forums theme

New forums theme

SparkFun’s Technical Support department is also coming along for the ride, and will be providing assistance on troubleshooting your SparkFun products via topics, which will stay on for forums as a reference for future users trying to troubleshoot a similar issue. Technical Support will also be moderating the forums, making sure things are running accordingly as a full time responsibility.

Unfortunately, some processes had to change as a result of Technical Support transitioning over to forum support. Technical Support moderators will be moderating on the forums Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time. If you were looking to chat, email or call SparkFun for technical assistance, we ask that you utilize our forums for technical-related issues and seek assistance there.

If you were looking to submit an RMA ticket for a potentially defective product, we ask that you consider reading “How to get assistance from the SparkFun Technical Support Moderators” and try out any troubleshooting methods outlined in the document first. If you feel like you have tried everything and are still not having any luck, consider creating a user account on the forums and creating a topic.

We are very excited to assist you on our forums and we will begin working on new topics within three estimated business days after the topic has been approved. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create an account on the SparkFun forum:

  • Head over to https://forum.sparkfun.com if you are not already on there.
  • In the top right corner there is a Login button that looks like a power symbol. Click on it.
  • Look for the Register button and click away.
  • Read over the registration terms and click “I agree to these terms” if you agree to the terms.
  • Select a user name.
  • Enter a valid email address. We will be sending an activation link to this address later.
  • Select a password.
  • Follow the captcha instructions.

Once that is done you are the proud owner of a new forum account. Welcome to the SparkFun forums! Thanks for reading through our announcement and we will see you there!

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