How’s the Weather Up There?

Springtime in the Rockies can bring with it some very interesting weather. So this week, I decided to grab our SparkFun micro:climate kit for micro:bit, put it all together and see exactly what was happening outside our windows here at SparkFun HQ. I've programmed it to record and broadcast temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall, although that last one takes a bit of patience. And while my desk is right on the edge of the micro:bit's Bluetooth radio range with the interference that the building creates, I can walk over to the breakroom and watch all the information scroll by perfectly on my second micro:bit. And by using the SparkFun OpenLog (included in the kit) to record all of the data to a file every sixty seconds, I can always go back and see what happened out there while I was locked inside our windowless studio.

If you haven't yet worked with the micro:bit, or if you want to start digging into block coding (with Microsoft MakeCode), MicroPython or even JavaScript, this kit will help you gain a mountain of working knowledge, with a very gentle learning curve.

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