LED Gumball Machine

Recently, Nate took some time off from creating new boards to work on a project for the BTU Lab at CU Boulder. With this simple machine, students are easily able to dispense a handful of LEDs, since no one seemed to be refilling parts bins (we're looking at you, Chad). It might surprise you how fast a thousand LEDs disappear: two weeks... that's it. With this LED Gumball Dispenser, the LEDs last for more than a semester. It’s amazing how a 15-second pause will cause people to think twice.


LED Gumball Machine

April 24, 2019

Hacking gumball machines to make the world a happier, blinkier place.

So, if you are a teacher and are tired of refilling bins for your students (it also doesn't have to be LEDs; it could be small gifts, buttons or anything you want), or you simply want to make your own gumball dispenser, it's surprisingly easy. With the above tutorial, Nate walks you through each step to make your own LED Dispensing Machine with all the programming on a single Arduino.

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