Enginursday: Secure DIY Garage Door Opener

Are you concerned with the security weaknesses found in most garage door openers? Join us as we highlight a DIY solution using the SparkFun Cryptographic Co-processor. Using all Qwiic boards, we created a super-secure garage door opener!

We've also written a complete tutorial on how to create your own. Check that out here:


Secure DIY Garage Door Opener

January 16, 2020

Did you know that most garage doors are at risk of a roll jam attack? Here we make a DIY garage door remote-control system that is much more secure than most commercial-ready products using the latest in ECC cryptography.

At its core, this project is a wireless button controller, so it could be used for many other applications. The next step is upping the security of the car key FOB to avoid roll-jam attacks. What might you use this security for?

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