Commodore 64 for STM32F429 Discovery board

Dave built a Commodore 64 emulator for STM32F429 Discovery board:

Yeah, the LCD is tiny at 2.4″, and the emulation runs about 15% slower than an NTSC C64. But it’s running on a small embedded board that’s available for under $30 US (DigiKey, Mouser, …) including mounted LCD display and USB OTG jack. Just add keyboard, OTG USB adapter, and power supply.
This is a port of my portable C64/6502 emulator for terminal console, which was a port of my Commodore/6502 emulator for Windows Console. But this time, I dropped the console part, and went for real video (LCD) and USB keyboard support. Hello PETSCII!

See the full post on Tech with Dave blog.

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