10 most popular modules and sensors for the Arduino UNO all on one board

Getting started with electronics and sensing the world around you is now easier than ever with the new all-in-one Arduino Sensor Kit from Arduino, in partnership with Seeed.   

The 10 most popular modules and sensors for your Arduino UNO have been integrated onto a single board to provide plug-and-play convenience without the need for any soldering or wiring! Combining basic Grove sensors and actuators for the Arduino UNO, the kit contains a base shield featuring the following modules that can be connected either through the digital, analog or I2C connectors:

  • An OLED screen
  • 4 digital modules (LED, button, buzzer and potentiometer)
  • 5 sensors (Light, sound, air pressure, temperature, and accelerometer)

Just plug the Arduino Sensor Kit into the Arduino UNO board, then you’re ready to follow the  Plug, Sketch & Play online lessons that make getting started a breeze.

The kit is equipped with 16 Grove connectors, which when placed on the board, offer functionality to the various pins. With seven digital connections, four analog connections, four I2C connections, and a UART connection, the base shield can be easily mounted onto an Arduino UNO board and programmed through the Arduino IDE. 

Now available from the Arduino Store, the Arduino Sensor Kit comes as a standalone kit for only €23.00 / US$23.00, or can be purchased with the Arduino UNO Rev3 board as a great value bundle for €38.70 / US$38.70. For more details, check out our website here.

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