App note: Resistor Equipped Transistors (RETs)

Introduction and application of resistor equipped transistors from Nexperia. Link here (PDF)

Bipolar transistors are controlled via the base current applied. Because of high temperature dependency of the voltage drop across the base-emitter path, it is required to add at least a series resistors at the base for stable and safe operation of a transistor in most applications This is required to keep base current at a desired level.
To reduce the number of components and to make board designs less complex, Resistor-Equipped Transistors (RET) have been introduced. These are single or dual transistors with resistors integrated on the same die. The integrated resistors have higher tolerances than commonly used external resistors. This fact makes RETs most suitable for switching applications where the transistor operates either in on-state or off-state. This is the reason also, why RETs are often referred to as digital transistors.

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