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The site is now being managed by Steve Rainwater, and served from Network Cybernetics Corporation. Marty may come around now and then, as he is able.


Due to pancreatic cancer, Marty will no longer be able to continue developing and releasing new hardware designs on The site will be left up, and it should run until the domain registration expires, or the server dies.

Marty (Diehl Martin) has run this site alone since Winter of 2000. He financed all of the projects, and hosted the site at his own expense since then. He has been fighting pancreatic cancer since September of 2004, and the cancer seems to be winning. As such, he is putting his energies elsewhere. For an insight in to what is going on in Marty’s life, visit his personal web page at

Site Changes and Other News

Marty has finally completed the course of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and once again feels well enough to do development, both of new hardware and also of the website itself. Site updates are necessary, as links have changed and web standards have evolved. New web development is being done using the nvu tools, which make good clean html which passes the current correctness tests. You may be assured that there will continue to be no flash, java, javascript, or cookies here. Some old pages will remain unchanged for a while, as there is no pressing reason to revisit them for now. The hardware/firmware/software development is far too interesting to spend too much time in html development!

One more minor thing is worth mentioning. We have had such abysmal problems with web hosts, that we are how hosting this site internally. It is being served off of an old Sun Ultra-5 running GNU/Linux and Apache, using a business DSL line. Any slowdown you may see is due to DSL bandwidth limiting, as the old 270 MHz Sun running apache/linux can completely fill a 100x faster pipe serving static pages like this.

Slow Progress – Marty Has Cancer

Things have slowed here, not due to a lack of interest, but rather because Marty has spent much of 2004 fighting off an early stage of pancreatic cancer. Earlier this year the surgeons at the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB) Hospital performed a Whipple procedure, from which he has pretty much recovered, and now he is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy simultaneously. Once that is complete, more chemtherapy alone is highly probable. Until he recovers, there will likely be little posted here.