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ArduinoTour in Singapore! See you on August 3rd and 4th

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Workshop in Singapore


It’s been a while now we have been testing and bringing ArduinoTour Workshops all over Italy and – here and there – around Europe. And we are happy to inform you that this powerful workshop format is soon landing in Singapore on August the 3rd-4th, hosted by The Hub Singapore, a cool co-working space willing to spread the Arduino word within its walls and beyond.

During the 2-day workshop participants will learn the basics of Arduino (what we call the Arduino Alphabet) and  have the chance to see it in action on different scenarios. They will produce their own project using the Arduino Starter Kit given to the workshop attendees.

The ArduinoTour is a way to meet & share experiences. For this reason it’s traditionally opened by a public presentation of Arduino which is going to happen on friday the 2nd of August at 7:00 PM at the-Hub. (download hi-res flyer)

Book your participation now and join the Arduino world.



“Bunnie” Huang talks about Maker Economy on CSDN

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picture by Joi Ito

Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, creator of Chumby and NeTV, gave an interesting interview about Maker Movement and Maker economy to the chinese “Programmer Magazine” or

The Maker movement, I think, is less about developing products, and more about developing people. It’s about helping people realize that technology is something man-made, and because of this, every person has the power to control it: it just takes some knowledge. There is no magic in technology. Another way to look at it is, we can all be magicians with a little training.

as a matter of fact, Bunnie will talk about this and more other related  stuff at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire on Saturday the 27th of July (enroll) (thanks to William Hooi for sharing)

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Arduino goes to Shenzhen: the Hollywood of hardware products

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Shenzen 4/2013

Last week-end we just had a good time at the Maker Faire of Shenzhen, hosted in the wonderful OCT District.

We were invited by Eric Pan from Seeedstudio (thanks Eric for the good time!). The Maker Faire has been a priceless experience to get in touch with the chinese maker community, as well as networking with different Chinese and Chinese-based maker companies creating interesting contents & products.

Shenzen Mini Makerfaire

We finally inaugurated our very first official Weibo account, and shared chinese materials about Arduino. You could come and play with the Esplora as well as code your very own interface, Thanks to our friend Federico Musto and Anna Kao for the help. and Maling and Terry who volunteered for us in the booth giving Arduino goodies and pins to a ton of interested chinese makers and curious. Zack Smith, working now in the HAXLR8R, joined us for some help to test his chinese language. There has been many speeches and presentations (as well as an Arduino workshop held by Guo Haoyun, the chinese translator of Getting Started With Arduino), and all of a sudden I understood I have to learn chinese (!).
Shenzen 4/2013

The guys of Haxlr8r showed us their cool creations: Haxlr8r is a startup incubator taking cool ideas and startups from around the world and helping them developing and fine tuning their own product (solve all the puzzles in developing a project, 3 to 6 month) for production here in China. They are based closed to the world famous SEG Electronics Market, widely portrayed from Bunnie Wang in this post and from Evil Mad Scientist here.

Shenzen 4/2013

On Sunday (totally drained out from the previous day) we teamed up with the Trasfabric “Hacked Better” workshop, we visited Chaihuo Makerspace in OCT where Tom Igoe, Zack Hoeken Smith, Gao Lei, Eric Pan (Seeedstudio) talked about maker movement and DIY culture in China, with Silvia Lindtner (ISTC & Fudan University) and Anna Greenspan (NYU Shanghai), organizers of the workshop.

I had the cool opportunity to sit back and listen to many interesting facts and odd metaphors, joining the informal panel. The main idea which came out is looking at the city of Shenzen like the place to be for producing (open) hardware right now, perfectly represented in a cool metaphor of Eric:

Shenzen is the Hollywood of hardware products, where big companies are just like the big Majors: that’s where independent, low-budget movies come out. (movies = products, boards).

Zack and Eric, as well as Tom, talked about the the value of Brand, both as Market Identity and Responsibility. Zack: It looks a bit like a recipe. Hambuger. Everybody makes an hamburger. You can go to McDonald / Burger King or in the finest place. You can make it yourself. What are you hungry for? Basically open sour(c)e hardware can get everybody be the very personal cook of themselves, or at least acknowledges, with different tools and know-hows, the audience (maker movement, kids, any of us).

What are you hungry for?

P.S. please keep an eye on the Transfabric blog to a more comprehensive and less informal sum-up of the workshop, I’m just the one who loves Cinema, Hamburger and Open Source Hardware.

Sabato si celebra il coworking: Toolbox Festival a Torino

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Si prepara un fine settimana denso di eventi: a partire dall ‘Arduino Day a Roma, ospitato nella bellissima cornice del Cinema Palazzo, per permettere a chiunque fosse interessato di muovere i primi passi nel mondo di Arduino.  Se invece sabato rimanete tra Torino-Milano-Genova non potete non prendere in considerazione di fare un salto al Festival di Toolbox , vera celebrazione delle tre anime che popolano questo spazio di coworking: la ricchezza della condivisione, l’intraprendenza delle startup e la creatività dei maker e del DIY.

Tante le attività per festeggiare il terzo compleanno del coworking che ospita Fablab Torino: dal workshop di realizzazione di gioielli elettronici del FablabTorino, alla presentazione di Arduino , dai Big Data (Topix)  a come creare la propria campagna di crowdfunding.

Vi aspettiamo tutti lì sabato 6 aprile dalle 10 alle 10!

Something is rotten in Denmark (Bio-Hacks)

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Labitat, 3/2013

Massimo and I had the chance to visit a Labitat makerspace in Copenhagen. I have to thank Martin Markus to let us in on a non-visit day and move underground, where the lab is.

The main reason of our visit was getting in touch with the Bio-Hackers and Maker Community meeting there, get them involved in the Call of Makers for the upcoming European Maker Faire in Rome. We had a good time in talking with them about the strange situation we are witnessing here in Europe: many languages, many nations, one big movement of people tinkering around stuff. Get everybody to know about this event and the chance to meet and talk to each other is a massive task. But we are going to overcome it!

Labitat, 3/2013

The place is just super. I’ve been involved in the making of a makespaces in the last three years of my life, but I have no words in describing the feelings I had in witnessing the massive amount of contents that basement kept. No joke.

I tried my best in recovering those objects, those feelings and this odd XXIst century knowledge in a pool set of Flickr, where I tried to describe and follow the different projects I’ve seen.


Why visiting makerspaces is to me just like standing on giants shoulders? Basically because I know the problems and I see better, streamlined solutions answering (better than ours in Fablab Torino. You guys feel free to comment and make me feel naiv about the Fridge,  Bio Hacks, the communication billboards, and the AtMEGA 16u2 hack from Dennis.


Upcoming Arduino Site Maintenance

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arduino work-in-progress


UPDATE 22 feb 17.00 CET: All of Arduino web services are back up and running again. Thanks for your patience while we upgraded our system!


As you may have noticed we’ve been witnessing several problems with our website since last Sunday 3 a.m. CET. In the next hours we’re starting working on some major maintenance to the Arduino website:  tomorrow Thursday 21st of February, around 3 p.m. CET until Friday 22nd of February 2013 same time .

We’ll then be on hand  to resolve any issues that arise after we re-enable the site, but please be aware that further outages may occur as we fine-tune server features. After the site is back, please let us know if you encounter any problems using it.

During this process, we’ll be posting status updates on Twitter and remaining as responsive as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience! Thanks for your patience.



Popumakers e Arduinotour a Milano

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L’agenda #maker di questo mese (now on…) ha un appuntamento in più: il primo evento popupmakers a Milano, ovvero una opportunità di condivisione di esperienze hand-on sulla tecnologia ed il design, intesi nel senso più allargato del termine (come funziona?)

In questa prima edizione, diverse partecipazioni interessanti, come quella dei DotDotDot, di Denis Santachiara e di Infine Josef Prusa porterà la sua esprienza di ricerca e sviluppo del progetto RepRap e della Prusa I3, seguito da Massimo Banzi che ci preparerà alla Call of Makers e alle ultime notizie su Arduino.

L’evento fa anche da introduzione al workshop  Arduinotour di Milano del fine settimana successivo (23-24 febbraio).

[iscriviti all'evento// condividolo]


Officine Arduino, il primo anno

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Un anno fa Massimo raccontava su questo blog di come una serie di eventi avevano portato alla nascita delle Officine Arduino di Torino. A distanza di un anno non riesco ad immaginare ad una cosa sola rimasta ferma. Officine ed il Fablab Torino sono cresciuti – anche grazie alla preziosissima ospitalità di Toolbox – , si sono aggiunti tanti amici ed alcuni se ne sono andati. Anche in Italia ormai si é cominciato a parlare di Makers e verso la fine di quest’anno, grazie agli sforzi di Riccardo Luna e Massimo – oltre che alla lungimiranza di Asset Camera e Tecnopolo – Roma ospiterà la prima Maker Faire Europe.

Venerdì prossimo avrete l’occasione di partecipare al nostro compleanno. Saranno presenti alcuni amici stranieri come Josef Prusa, che il giorno successivo assemblerà 10 stampanti con noi, e Priya Kuber, una maker indiana che scrive su questo blog da tempo (*). Ci saranno tutti gli amici del Fablab Torino(*), con alcune delle loro invenzioni(*).

per partecipare, prego compilare il form.

(*) = surprise

#RepRap Workshop a Officine Arduino

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What a Printer!

Picture from Josef Prusa’s Flickr Photostream

We are happy to announce the upcoming Josef Prusa’s and Alessandro Ranellucci’s workshop @ Officine Arduino / Fablab Torino, on February 16th and 17th. This two days workshop will cover the making & fine-tuning of the latest Prusa I3 with Prusa nozzle AND Ranellucci’s how-to slic3r lesson on Sunday.

If you ever want to jump on the reprap world, this may be the best opportunity. If you don’t feel like buying the printer but just want to follow the workshop taking notes & make questions, we do also offer a spectator admittance.

The workshop is part of the celebration of the first year of Officine Arduino and Fablab, soon more details about the complete program (stay tuned).

read the full description of the workshop on the [Arduino Store] or read the (italian) post on the fablabtorino website.

Officine Arduino a Modena Makers

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Il prossimo fine settimana Officine Arduino si trasferisce a Modena in occasione della Fiera dell’Elettronica.

[...] Fab Lab Reggio EmiliaOfficine Arduino e Kentstrapper allestiranno il  Mo.Ma FabLab; uno spazio a disposizione dei maker allestito con alcune stampanti 3D Galileo Next e una ShareBot Pro con doppio estrusore, un laser cutter, una fresa e un kinect per scansione 3D. All’interno del temporary FabLab di Mo.Ma troveranno spazio una serie di attività in cui il pubblico sarà invitato ad interagire ed approfondire le tematiche legate al framework Arduino e alla stampa in 3D, grazie ai suggerimenti degli esperti.

Sono almeno tre i motivi per partecipare:  [1] il sopracitato temporary fablab cercherà di offrire una sintesi delle potenzialità che questi moderni laboratori offrono, [2] Officine Arduino porterà una serie di progetti (che non sveliamo ancora), oltre ai prodotti dello store (avremo lo Starter Kit e la Arduino Due, ma anche l’Arduino Esplora e chissà cos’altro) e ci sarà la possibilità di comprare gli ultimi posti del workshop di Arduino della settimana successiva al Fablab di Reggio Emilia. Ultimo e [3] più importante motivo: lo stand di modena makers sarà la prima occasione confronto sulla prossima Maker Faire Europea che verrà ospitata a Roma nel 2013; ad esporla Costantino Bongiorno in due talk, alle 15:00 ed alle 17:00 del sabato.

See you there!

Happy Birthday Creative Commons! #cc10

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Today we all celebrate the 10th anniversary since Creative Commons was created. Look for the closest party to join the celebrations (and donate for the cause).

Arduino loves / uses / promote Creative Commons Licenses: have a look at what does this mean, it could be your choice for sharing your next project!

[#arduinotour] Matera Report, Prossima Puntata: Reggio Emilia

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Ecco un piccolo video report della puntata dell’Arduinotour a Matera (c’é anche un set su Flickr). Questa edizione del tour é stata caratterizzata dalla partecipazione di un ragazzo francese (partito dalla Bretagna e volato per un week-end a Matera – Grande Baptiste!) che ha condiviso con noi la sua esprienza di sviluppatore di open energy monitor, un framework open source per la visualizzazione di consumi online, di cui parleremo presto in una intervista ad hoc. (il blog di Arduino ha trattato precedentemente questa storia, vai al post).

Causa maltempo il workshop é stato ospitato presso le Monacelle, un bed & breakfast poco l’ontano dall’Incubatore, all’interno dei Sassi. Un grazie a Sviluppo Basilicata per il supporto e l’aiuto nell’organizzazione dell’evento.

Per chi si stesse chiedendo quando e dove si farà il prossimo workshop #arduinotour, eccovi serviti: Reggio Emilia a fine gennaio (26-27), presso il neonato Fablab ospitato all’interno dello Spazio Gerra.

Se volete portare l’#arduinotour a casa vostra riempite questo form. Se volete spargere il verbo fate il like sulla pagina dell’arduinotour su facebook.

Meet The Arduino Esplora

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Here’s a new piece of hardware from your beloved OSHW project. The Arduino Esplora is meant for newbies and anybody willing to enter in the world of Arduino, without having to deal with breadboards or soldering. Shaped like a game controller, it’s designed to be used out of the box without extra parts since it comes with many sensors and actuators already on it.

Have a look at the Esplora Page on the Arduino site, you will find Arduino Esplora at Radioshack’s in its Retail Version (like the one you see on top) and soon on the Arduino Store and from our distributors in both Standard and Retail versions.

Arduino: creation is child’s play [Wired Italia]

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Have a look at this wonderfully handcrafted 20-min webumentary about Arduino, made by Opificio Ciclope and produced by Wired Italia.

Nice format and nice look: good job.

The core of our story is the life of Massimo Banzi, and the region in which he was born: the Canavese area. In particular, the city of Ivrea, a veritable Mecca of Italian informatics, where Olivetti had its headquarters. The more we discovered their world, the more it became clear that this story was not only about silicon and circuits: it was about their shared excitement and their curiosity, like kids playing with their favorite toy.

(BTW, Massimo is not from Ivrea, but I guess Ivrea’s Mayor is going to give him and the Arduino Team the honorary citizenship)

via [Wired Italia]