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OSHWA 2021-2023 Board Nominations Open!

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OSHWA is looking for 4 new faces to join the board of directors for the Open Source Hardware Association. The nominee form is, as always, for self-nominations only. Please fill out the nominee form (deactivated 11:59PM ET on Oct. 12) to become a nominee or forward the link to someone you want to nominate. Do not fill out the form for someone else. The purpose of this form is to tell voting members why you want to serve on the OSHWA board. We will be publish the nominees and their answers on Oct 14th. Board members hold a 2-year position. Once board members have been chosen by the membership, the board will appoint a President, VP, and Secretary. Board responsibilities include fundraising, promoting OSHWA, advising on goals and direction, and carry out compliance with the organizations purposes and bylaws. Board members must follow our Code of Conduct. See the board member agreement to get a sense of the responsibilities. Board members are expected to adhere to the board attendance policy and come prepared having read the board packet. Board members are expected to spend 5-10 hours of time per month on OSHWA. Nominees can submit questions to info@oshwa.org. Nominations will be open until Oct. 12th.

Member voting will take place Oct 19-26th. View our election policy.

Want to vote in the election? Become a member! Please note that only individuals can vote, corporate members cannot.

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Revoking Certification for ES000022

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Today OSHWA is revoking the certification for the Atmel SAM D10C Breakout Board by San Antonio Technologies, ESPJ, UID ES000022. We are taking this action because the documentation is no longer publicly available and the parties responsible for the hardware have been unresponsive to our requests to republish it.  This was brought to our attention by a member of the open source hardware community.

An effective certification program requires ongoing monitoring of certified hardware, both by OSHWA and by the larger open source hardware community.  OSHWA prefers to work with responsible parties to resolve problems with certified hardware and views decertification as a last resort. 

We discuss the decertification process in more detail in our blog post about the first decertification.  You can learn more about the certification program on the certification page and certification FAQs.

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OSHWA is looking for an Open Hardware Summit Chair

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The Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) is looking for a Chair to the annual Open Hardware Summit set for April 22, 2022 in NYC @ NYU. This is an excellent opportunity to help shape the first in-person Summit since 2019, as well as to connect with the Open Hardware Community.

The Summit Chair helps to oversee the annual Open Hardware Summit. They work with OSHWA’s Executive Director, the Speaker Chair, and venue staff to produce the Summit.  The Summit Chair is also an ex officio member of the OSHWA board for the duration of the position. 

The Summit Chair is a paid, part-time position of $10,000. It begins in September of 2021 and concludes in early May of 2022.  The Open Hardware Summit Playbook establishes milestones that allow for flexible time commitments in the months leading up to the Summit. The Chair should expect to be on site and work full days on April 20, 21, and 22 of 2022. As we approach the Summit dates, the time commitment of the position will ramp up. OSHWA pays travel expenses related to the Summit.

OSHWA strongly encourages all people to apply (please circulate widely), especially those who hold the following intersecting identities: Black, Native or Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+, non-binary, persons living with disabilities, neurodivergent, young, speak English as a second language, and others with lived experience in overlooked and/or underestimated communities.

The main tasks for the Summit Chair are:

  • Regularly updating the Summit website (runs on WordPress) 
  • Promoting the Summit to open hardware and open hardware-adjacent communities in the NYC area and around the world
  • Overseeing the Summit social media presence 
  • Recruiting Summit keynote speakers
  • Managing the Ada Lovelace Fellowship application process
  • Designing the Summit staging and visual identity (either directly or by coordinating with an outside designer) 
  • Planning any pre or post parties (COVID permitting)

The Summit Chair is not expected to:

  • Fundraise for the Summit
  • Make venue or catering decisions
  • Manage venue A/V
  • Manage ticketing infrastructure
  • Maintain Summit website infrastructure
  • Manage the non-keynote speaker selection process

Candidates for this position must have:

  • Demonstrated experience organizing and managing community events
  • A connection to the open source hardware community
  • Demonstrated ability to set and meet deadlines
  • The ability to be in NYC for the Summit (COVID permitting)

Ideal candidates for this position will also have:

  • Experience promoting events 
  • Experience with community building
  • Experience designing stage and event spaces either directly or as a collaborator with other designers

To Apply, please fill out this form.  OSHWA will begin reviewing applications on DATE and then on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

OSHWA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to a policy of equal treatment and opportunity in every aspect of its recruitment and hiring process without regard to age, alienage, caregiver status, childbirth, citizenship status, color, creed, disability, domestic violence victim status, ethnicity, familial status, gender and/or gender identity or expression, marital status, military status, national origin, parental status, partnership status, predisposing genetic characteristics, pregnancy, race, religion, reproductive health decision making, sex, sexual orientation, unemployment status, veteran status, or any other legally protected basis. Women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons of minority sexual orientation or gender identity, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are encouraged to apply for vacant positions at all levels.

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The State of Open Source Hardware in 2021

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Today OSHWA, in collaboration with the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy at NYU Law, is excited to launch The 2021 State of Open Source Hardware.  This graphic report builds on data from OSHWA’s Open Hardware Certification Program, the annual Open Hardware Summit, and the annual Open Hardware Community Survey.

Map showing the geographic reach of open source hardware registrations over time.

The state of open source hardware is strong.  In the eleven years since the first Open Hardware Summit we have seen open hardware grow, with new communities creating new hardware for new uses around the world.  Hundreds of pieces of open source hardware have been certified as compliant with the Open Hardware Definition from countries on every continent except Antarctica. 

Chart linking the types of certified open source hardware to the countries where the hardware comes from.

A wide range of companies have been built and grown on the foundation of open source hardware.  Dozens of Ada Lovelace Fellows have helped to diversify the open hardware community.  Nonprofit organizations in academia, conservation, science, medical, and more have helped to broaden the impact of open hardware in innumerable ways.  

The results of the community survey makes it clear that people come to open hardware for a range of reasons and use open hardware to address a range of needs.  However they start with open hardware, once they start using it they are hooked. Community members study designs, adapt them, and build upon existing designs in order to achieve their goals.  Open hardware is used in teaching, the development of commercial products, and everything in between.
What are you waiting for? Click over, check it out, and let us know what you think.  While the state of open source hardware is strong in 2021, we think it may get even stronger in the future.

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HardwareX Integrates OSHWA Certification into Paper Submission Process

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Today we are excited to announce that the open hardware journal HardwareX is integrating OSHWA certifications into their paper submission process.  

HardwareX is an open access journal that focuses on free and open source designing, building, and customizing of scientific hardware.  It has long used the Open Source Hardware Definition as a requirement for submissions.  Now HardwareX is also integrating the OSHWA hardware certification program into the paper submission process.

First, HardwareX has updated its guide for authors to encourage (although not require) authors to certify their hardware for open source compliance before, during, or after submitting to HardwareX.  This is a win for authors and for HardwareX.  Authors can use the certification process to make sure that their hardware meets the Open Source Hardware Definition.  Certification is often an iterative process where OSHWA helps creators meet all of the Definition’s requirements.  HardwareX can rely on the OSHWA certification to confirm that hardware complies with the Definition, freeing up resources to review the papers themselves.

Second, OSHWA and HardwareX are standardizing ways to connect HardwareX articles to the Certification Directory.  HardwareX will include OSHWA certification UIDs in their specification tables for articles that include certified hardware.  Creators can update their certification directory listing with the “#HX” tag in the project description, and add a link to the HardwareX manuscript.

As the open hardware community grows, so too do our institutions.  We look forward to finding new ways to collaborate with all of the parts of the community in the future.  If you would like to connect with the certification program, please reach out at info@oshwa.org, check out our certification program API, or just certify your own hardware directly!

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Get a Goodie Bag with a New Membership!

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While supplies last, sign up as a new OSHWA member at the General Membership level or higher and get a 2021 goodie bag! We have 15 partial bags left over from the summit that contain about 90% of the items. You must have an address in the U.S. for shipping and customs. See our membership level options and enter your shipping address at checkout.

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