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NetBSD is here!

via Raspberry Pi

In last week’s FreeBSD post, we linked to an early version of Nick Hudson’s NetBSD image for Pi. Nick has now released a new version which fixes a number of USB issues, and we’ve placed it in our mirror system. Of the major BSD-derived operating systems this only leaves OpenBSD (for which we’re not holding our breath).

Torrent rpi-20130124.img.bz2.torrent
Direct download rpi-20130124.img.bz2
SHA-1 5aac2d48d1a425db14b253d7bfddf5e24de5ca22
Default login Username: root Password: <none>

Nick says:

It’s a build of NetBSD-current which is the development version. It’s using a LOCKDEBUG kernel which is quite a performance hit, but will help us track down any locking issues.

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FreeBSD is here!

via Raspberry Pi

Update: A more recent version of Nick Hudson’s NetBSD image (mentioned below) is available here.

Another day (a particularly snowy day, here), another new OS for the Pi. This is not an official release; this image has been built by the FreeBSD community (and we do expect an official variant from www.freebsd.org at some point). But this is very useful early access if you’ve been wanting to play with FreeBSD on your Pi; be aware, though, that this is not a finished, stable port, so you may encounter some bugs. You’ll need an SD card of 4GB or more to dd this image to. (And if you’re not sure what any of this means, that means this probably isn’t for you – yet!)

Torrent freebsd-pi-r245446.img.gz.torrent
Direct download freebsd-pi-r245446.img.gz
SHA-1 65db3507b3c6f448d34068ca2a11f915d1b6b8f8
Default login Username: root Password: freebsdarm

Alie Tan, who developed the image, says:

Features: Compiled with native FreeBSD GCC 4.2.1, tmps, 512MB swap partition with debug module off. Keep in mind that this image is based on FreeBSD10-CURRENT which is the “bleeding edge” of FreeBSD development and not ready for production yet.

Apart from this, NetBSD developer also released a testing image for Raspberry Pi that can be found here:


Both of FreeBSD and NetBSD doesn’t have stable port yet, they are still having issue with network throughput, DMA, some packages not compile-able, High speed SD CARD issue, etc.

Please leave any feedback in the comments!