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Tinkering, Kids and Iot: gift guides for your xmas

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Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list it’s fun and inspiring. Let us help you choose the perfect gift: next to our classic Arduino, Genuino boards and goodies, we created 3 thematic guides to highlight the products in our stores that deserve a spot on your gift list. And to make it even more special, we added a FREE SHIPPING* feature for orders over 150$/100€.

Experience the magic of playing with technology. Your creative confidence is going to boost!

Click and explore all the products of the gift guide dedicated to Tinkering



  • If you are looking for interacting with your surroundings in experimental ways, Arduino AtHeart Bare Conductive Touch Board and Touch Board Kit can turn almost any material or surface into a sensor. Connect objects to its 12 electrodes, using conductive paint or any conductive material and create amazing musical instruments.

Get inspired and make this holiday special for your kids! Get them to experiment with science and technology and the wonderful world of STEAM.

Click and explore all the products of the gift guide dedicated to kids


  • You can share your excitement with electronics playing with kids and teenagers on the TV-B-Gone Kit, a universal remote designed to shut off any TV. It’s fun making it and using it.

  • Get started with paper circuits and stickers with Chibit Circuit Sticker Start Kit an imaginative and easy way to make fun electronics projects without coding, soldering, or hands-on experience.


  • Play with the most hackable tiny synth ever! NS1nanosynth synthesizer is an handeld 220x85mm analog modular synthesizer coupled with an Arduino Leonardo platform. it’s a tool to explore the potential contamination between analog and digital music creation!

Create connected devices and master your IoT skills. It’s easier than you think.

Click and explore the product of the gift guide dedicated to IoT


  •  Blend Micro is a RedBearLab Arduino AtHeart integrated development board. They “blend”ed Arduino with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (aka BLE or Bluetooth Smart) into a small single board. You can quickly and easily develop low power IoT projects.


  • Making things Talk 2nd edition by Arduino co-founder Tom Igoe, shows you how to get your gadgets to communicate with you and your environment. It’s perfect for people with little technical training but a lot of interest.In this expanded edition, you’ll learn how to form networks of smart devices that share data and respond to commands


On our stores we are offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders over 150$ (below 3 Lb) in USA via USPS Priority Mail, and for all orders over 100€ (below 3 Kg) via GLS in Europe.

Delivery will take 4-5 working days to reach you. In December, this may take longer due to end-of-the-year seasonality. Should you need delivery by December 24th, we strongly advise you to place the order before December 18th.

Free Shipping is available from November 27th 2015 until January 6th 2016.



SnowPi, the GPIO snowman for Raspberry Pi

via Raspberry Pi

Do you wanna build a snowman? ‘Course you do.

SnowPi, the GPIO snowman for Raspberry Pi

SnowPi the GPIO snowman is a fun way for beginners to learn to solder and get into physical computing with Raspberry Pi. He comes as a kit for you to solder yourself, with two crystal blue LEDs for his eyes, six crystal white LEDs for his body, and an orange diffused LED for his adorable carroty nose. You’ll also solder a right-angled header to allow you to attach SnowPi to your Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins such that he stands up, and and resistors to limit the current to his LEDs and protect them from damage.

If you’ve never soldered before, now is a great time to learn! It’s easier than you think. Why not learn to solder with Carrie Anne?

Learn to how to solder with Carrie Anne

Ever wanted to learn how to solder but didn’t know where to start? Never fear, in this episode I’ll show you how to get started and the basic theory behind soldering. Check out my soldering blog post too. Like, share, & subscribe for more! http://www.geekgurldiaries.co.uk @GeekGurlDiaries http://www.facebook.com/GeekGurlDiaries Code: https://github.com/MissPhilbin/GeekGurlDiaries

SnowPi has no complex circuitry – he just provides a fun way to connect LEDs to the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi. This means you can write code for him in any language that can control Raspberry Pi’s GPIO, such as Scratch or Python. SnowPi’s Indiegogo campaign promises an online guide to programming SnowPi with GPIO Zero, a new Python library designed to make it as easy as possible for beginners to get started with controlling things connected to the GPIO pins.

UK hobby electronics company Ryanteck is hoping to ship the first 150 SnowPis in time for Christmas, and while they’re too experienced with electronics prototyping and production to make that into a guarantee, they have shipped all their previous crowdfunded products on time or early.

We think this is a great little physical computing project at a pocket-money price. If you like the look it too, you’ve got a week left to back SnowPi on Indiegogo!

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