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Backdoor uPWM Hack on Photon for Infrared signals using UART

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The crew from AnalysIR has written up an article on Backdoor uPWM Hack on Photon for Infrared signals:

Since we received our Photon several months ago it has been difficult to find a working example of Hardware PWM on the Photon (suiteable for IR signals). Initially, we ported our softPWM approach to the Photon, which is excellent. However, we figured it must be possible to use at least one of the spare UARTs on the Photon to achieve our goal. So first we started prototyping on the Arduino and quickly got a working example with some limitations – only 40 kHz and 33 kHz carrier frequencies were possible with the UART without delving into the registers a bit more. Then we moved the code over to the Photon, leveraging our previous softPWM examples, upgraded with the Arduino code – EUREKA! The Backdoor uPWM Hack on Photon for Infrared signals.

More details at AnalysIR blog.

40 Watt Chinese CO2 laser upgrade with RAMPS & Arudino

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Dan Beaven has written up documentation on his Chinese K40 Laser upgrade:

I’ve wanted to start playing with Laser Cutter/Engravers for quite a while. I finally happened across a great deal on a Chinese made 40 watt Laser Engraver with the Moshidraw software and control hardware. Wanting something I can modify and that is of better quality I decided to use my spare RAMPS 1.4 and Arduino Mega I had sitting around.  I’ve successfully upgraded the system and here are the details so that others won’t have such a hard time getting theirs up and running. One benefit with this setup is the system is completely standalone.  All you need is an SD card with your gcode files on it (remember to have the .g extension)

More details at Dan Beaven’s blog.

Hatching chicks in a hacked mini fridge

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Do you need an incubator for hatching eggs?  avgfitfreak shows you how to easily make a DIY egg incubator out of an unused Monster drink refrigerator:

Since an incubator needs to be hot not cold, I installed a piece of heat tape (aka – heat mat for reptiles). This was taped onto the back wall behind the false wall (which unscrewed with a handful of screws). As a refrigerator the fan would pull air over the cool coils behind the false wall to cool the air. Now the coils were replaced with heat tape and the air will be warmed.
Who knows how hot heat tape will get if just plugged into the wall (I am sure someone does but not me)? To control how hot my incubator will get I plugged the heat tape into this thermostat I had laying around. It is designed for reptiles and has a temperature probe which I fed into the inside of the incubator.

Project info at  avgfitfreak ‘s Imgur.  Reddit discussion here.

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Data logger deluxe version

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An update on LuckyResistor’s data logger project we covered previously:

Just to let you know the deluxe version of the data logger is almost done. The hardware is ready and tested – currently I finish the menu based software for the data logger.

  • Menu based control with 5 capacitive inputs
  • Record, view records, send records to serial, erase all, settings
  • Wireless charging

Project info at LuckyResistor’s blog.


A XSVF assembler/disassembler in python

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Marcelo Roberto Jimenez wrote an assembler/disassembler for XSVF, he writes:

As a sequence of my last project, the JTAG/XSVF library for Arduino, I felt I needed a XSVF assembler and disassembler, so that I could hack JTAG a little bit. I found that XSVF is very convenient, much more than SVF when you are dealing with a single component in the JTAG chain. I also found out that the XSVF files produced by programmers are very inefficient and full of unnecessary stuf. It would be great if I could write my own XSVF files.

Code is on github.

Details at Marcelo’s EE & CS blog.