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Slap my zombie hand for internet fame!

via Arduino Blog


Halloween time is a great moment to explore nice interactive projects and get inspired for installations for other selfie occasions. To spice up the office Donnie Plumly, a creative technologist, decided to make and share with us a molded zombie arm that takes pictures and post them to Twitter.


He used a silicone arm (molded on his own hand ), a custom steel mount to clip to an office partition, and a vibration sensor hooked up to an Arduino Uno. Once the arm is slapped a photo will be taken using an IR Led and passed to the Eye-Fi card in the camera.

The photo is then saved into a Dropbox folder and, using If This Then That (IFTTT), posted to Twitter on the account @ZombieSelfie.


Donnie created also a very useful tutorial  on Instructable to make it yourself!


App note: VSOP98260 for IR code learning applications

via Dangerous Prototypes


Application note from Vishay on their VSOP98260 IR learning chip which uses the same IR LED as transceiver. Link here (PDF)

There is a wide interest in universal remote controls, which can be used to diminish the “clutter” of remote controls typically present in a modern living room setting. Training the universal remote to send the correct code to each of possibly many appliances in any media setting is not a simple task.

Infrared remote controls transmit their signals via an infrared LED. The simplest and least expensive code learning technique devised to date uses this same infrared LED as both the code transmitter and the code detector for receiving signals from the appliance remote. IR LEDs are not very efficient detectors. Fortunately, for code learning we want to use an inefficient detector to eliminate any spurious signals present in the room. The much stronger signal from the appliance remote, which is held close to the detector, will be enough to capture a clean signal.