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Name that Ware, January 2018

via Hacking – bunnie's blog

The Ware for January 2018 is shown below.

This side of the board might be a little too non-descript to make a solid guess, so if nobody gets it within a couple of weeks, I’ll push a picture of the other side.

Thanks to spida for handing me pictures of this well-photographed ware at 34C3!

Winner, Name that Ware December 2017

via Hacking – bunnie's blog

The winner of Name that Ware Dec 2017 is Piotr! Congrats, email me for your prize. He nailed it very quickly as a 2000-series multimeter by Keithley. I figured since this is a classic meter found on many engineer’s benches, it would be named fairly quickly, even with a tightly cropped shot of the main board.

My decades-old Keithley 2000 finally gave up the ghost; something seems wrong in the input stage that’s preventing it from both doing autoranging and measuring negative voltages. A quick thermal scan showed a few transistors getting hot that shouldn’t be, and the self-test codes indicate that something may have gone very wrong with the core ADC pathway. I’ve set it aside to look at later and ended up picking up a Keithley 2110 as a stand-in replacement until I can afford a DMM7510. There’s some pretty nifty debugging tricks you can do with a 7.5-digit multimeter (it’s sensitive enough to differentiate between code execution paths on an MCU, or observe a battery’s self-discharge rate in real time), but at the moment I simply can’t afford one. Ah well — it’s always good to have goals!