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Name that Ware May 2017

via Hacking – bunnie's blog

The Ware for May 2017 is shown below.

This is another one where the level difficulty will depend on if I cropped enough detail out of the photo to make it challenging but not impossible. If you do figure this one out quickly, curious to hear which detail tipped you off!

Winner, Name that Ware March 2017

via Hacking – bunnie's blog

The ware for March 2017 seems to be a Schneider ATV61 industrial variable speed drive controller. As rasz_pl pointed out, I left the sticker unredacted. I had a misgiving about hiding it fearing the ware would be unguessable, but leaving it in made it perhaps a bit too easy. Prize goes to rasz_pl for being the first to guess, email me for your prize!