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Deepace KC901V 6.8GHz handheld network analyzer review, teardown and experiments

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Teardown and analysis of Deepace KC901V 6.8GHz handheld network analyzer from the The Signal Path:

In this episode Shahriar reviews the Deepace KC901V 6.8GHz handheld network analyzer. This battery-powered instrument is an RF multi-instrument integrating VNA, spectrum analyzer, field strength meter, and a low-frequency signal generator. It can also perform signal port vector measurement and 2-ports simple vector network analyzing (S11, S21).

More details at The Signal Path homepage.

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HP 7044A X-Y recorder teardown, Lorenz Attractor

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Kerry Wong did a teardown of a vintage HP 7044A x-y recorder and programmed an Arduino Due to draw the Lorenz Atrractor using this recorder:

To test the recorder, I wrote a simple program using Arduino Due that generates a Lorenz attractor. The min/max boundaries for each axis were obtained prior and they are used to map the curve to the first quadrant since 7044A can only plot signals within a single quadrant at a time. Arduino Due is convenient because it has two 12bit DAC outputs which can be used to drive the X and Y channel.
Unlike using an oscilloscope, the recorder cannot record data that changes faster than a few Hertz. To slow down the output, you can either decrease the time interval (I chose 0.001) or add in additional delays. I used serial output to slow things down a bit, this is convenient as I could use the data when debugging the program as well.

More details at Kerry Wong’s blog.

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Cheap UV EPROM eraser teardown and spectrum analysis

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Kerry Wong did a teardown of a cheap UV EPROM eraser and measured the spectrum of the UV tube using a monochromator:

Till recently, I have been using custom circuitry whenever I needed to backup some firmware. But the process was rather tedious as for each kind of EPROM or EEPROM I needed to study the protocol and timing requirements and then come up with the required circuitry on a breadboard. And wiring can easily become an issue with a high pin-count chip. So I finally got myself a proper EPROM programmer (it’s a TL866A) along with a $15 generic UV EPROM eraser so I could program EPROM/EEPROM’s quickly. While it was fun to build a programmer circuit each time, I think the effort can be put into something more useful.

More details at Kerry Wong’s blog.

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Teardown and review of the new MHS5200A

via Dangerous Prototypes

Craig writes:

I’ve gotten a lot of questions on the blog about the new version of the MHS5200A function generators available on eBay. Viewer Tolga was kind enough to send one in to me to review and tear down. Although some improvements have been made over the older models, there are some concerning issues with these new models too!

More details at Analog Zoo homepage.