Monthly Archives: April 2001

Biscuit ColdFire Embedded Control Board Processor Type Changed

After considerable deliberation, it was decided to change the processor for the Biscuit board to a Motorola MCF5272. This device has several devices built in which will simplify use of the processor in embedded “ethernet appliance” applications. The deciding factor was the built in 10/100 Mbs ethernet MAC. The MCF5272 documentation is even more thorough than usual for Motorola.

Snapshot of uClinux/Coldfire Web Site Added

The Moreton Bay web site has had operating uClinux/ColdFire source and binary for common ColdFire boards for a couple of years. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to find since their top level site points to the Lineo main page. We now have a link to it on the Links page, and we have also put up a snapshot of it. We would mirror it except that we do not have such privileges on our server.