There are several types of design resources with which to concern ourselves. We have divided these into several categories in order to simplify the search.

The first category of concern is Books and Literature. Today this includes both printed materials and those found on line. These can range from college textbooks and wonderful thick tomes to product literature and specifications. In any case, these are concerned primarily with the matters of design and implementation of electronic devices.

The second category is sources for the required Electronic Parts, including both manufacturers and distributors. When we have it, we intend to include links to their web sites, as these tend to have the most up-to-date information and literature. Some manufacturers sell directly, but more often they sell through one or more distributors. We make no claims as to the completeness of this information, since we are primarily interested in providing support information for the designs developed here.

The third category is Software. Since this site is aimed squarely at the free hardware/software community, this is where we have put our emphasis. We attempt to provide links to our sources, as well as documentation for it. Any books we find particularly helpful are listed here also.