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Biscuit ColdFire Embedded Control Board Processor Type Changed

After considerable deliberation, it was decided to change the processor for the Biscuit board to a Motorola MCF5272. This device has several devices built in which will simplify use of the processor in embedded “ethernet appliance” applications. The deciding factor was the built in 10/100 Mbs ethernet MAC. The MCF5272 documentation is even more thorough than usual for Motorola.

Biscuit ColdFire Embedded Control Board Library Files Released

The first version of the Biscuit ColdFire Embedded Control Board library files have been released. These are specific to the Eagle electronic CAD system, which is being used in this development. The files are available in gzip format for GNU/Linux users, and in zip format for Wxx users, since Eagle will run under both environments. As usual, it is released under GPL.