JuiceTM I/O Cross-Extender Board

JuiceTM – Cross-Extender between the ISA bus and the PC/104 bus, to allow testing of PC/104 bus boards in a conventional PC. This is an entirely passive board, with no components other than the connectors required. The Juice board is used by plugging it into a PC, and then plugging the PC/104 board into the Juice board. Because the Juice board has the full pin and socket connector, the PC/104 board or boards under test may be plugged into either the front or back of the Juice Board.

The Juice Programmable I/O Board was designed with Eagle 4.03, on the GNU/Linux operating system. The same CAD files will work with the Wxx version of Eagle. See the Software page for further information concerning Eagle.

Front of Juice Board
Back of Juice Board

Contents File type File name
Specification Adobe Acrobat version 3 juice.pdf
Specification html juicespec.htm
Schematics zip of HPGL plotter files juicehgl.zip
CAD source files – DOS/Wxx zip of Eagle 4.01 files juice.zip 06-27-2001, 139k
CAD source files – GNU/Linux gzipped tar file of Eagle 4.01 files juice.tar.gz 06-27-2001. 138k
Manufacturing zip of Gerber/Excellon/text juicemfg.zip 06-27-2001, 114k
Designer’s notes html juicenote.htm

NOTE: to unpack the Eagle file in Linux, make a grits directory, copy the grits.tar.gz file into it, and then invoke tar xvzf juice.tar.gz

This will unpack the entire set of CAD and manufacturing files in the grits directory.

Hardware designer: Diehl Martin

Note: The source code for all designs shown here is released under the GNU General Public License.