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Snapshot of uClinux/Coldfire Web Site Added

The Moreton Bay web site has had operating uClinux/ColdFire source and binary for common ColdFire boards for a couple of years. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to find since their top level site points to the Lineo main page. We now have a link to it on the Links page, and we have also put up a snapshot of it. We would mirror it except that we do not have such privileges on our server.

Biscuit ColdFire Embedded Control Board Library Files Released

The first version of the Biscuit ColdFire Embedded Control Board library files have been released. These are specific to the Eagle electronic CAD system, which is being used in this development. The files are available in gzip format for GNU/Linux users, and in zip format for Wxx users, since Eagle will run under both environments. As usual, it is released under GPL.